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Our Process

Before we get started we need to understand YOUR Needs

Before meeting with you and beginning our Financial Life Planning process, we want to fully understand your needs to make sure that there is a good fit.  Your time is valuable and we want to spend 15 minutes with you to make sure that our services are aligned with your needs.

Step 1: Discovery

  • Determine how Satisfied you are with the various components of your money life
  • Review the Life Transitions that you are currently experiencing or expect to experience in the future
  • Create Your Personal Financial Life Assessment

Step 2: Data Gathering

  • Paint a Crystal Clear Picture of exactly what it is you would Need and Want to have in your life in order to be Truly Satisfied
  • Help you to articulate your Life Goals and understand what role money can or will play in pursuing those Goals
  • Perform an analysis of all of your existing Life Insurance, Investment Savings and Retirement Accounts

Step 3: Plan Presentation

Present your Customized Financial Life Plan with specific Recommendations regarding each of the key areas we have identified in your Financial Life Assessment

This plan will allow you to see:

  • Where you are today financially
  • Where you want to be in the future
  • How to get you there

Step 4: On-Going Partnership

After we present your Plan to you, we will give you an opportunity to enter into an   On-Going Relationship with us, which means that we would:

  • Partner with you to help you Implement Your Plan
  • Be there to continually help you to Manage and Monitor all of the various aspects of your financial life
  • Routinely meet with and talk with you on an on-going basis to help you reassess your financial life, answer your questions, solve your problems and ensure that your Plan is always up to date