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Services: Individuals & Families

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning specialists will help you define your goals for retirement and develop a strategy to pursue them. When the time comes, we’ll incorporate a Retirement Spending Plan into your personal financial plan, tailoring your investment, fixed income and cashflow planning. You’ll be able to spend confidently while protecting your assets and nurturing your values.

Investment Management

As an independent wealth management firm, we have the flexibility to choose from among a broad range of investment products. Our experienced team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS ™ will provide you with independent recommendations and strategies tailored to your needs and preferences. We'll also track your performance and make adjustments as needed.

Estate & Legacy Planning

An effective estate plan plays a vital part in your overall financial plan and is key to protecting your loved ones and legacy. Our estate and legacy planning specialists will work with you and your legal and tax representatives to develop and implement an effective estate plan that is reflective of your current circumstances and wishes. Let us provide the guidance you need to create and maintain your comprehensive estate plan.

Tax Strategy

When it comes to effective financial planning and wealth management strategies, the aspect of tax planning is key to helping you keep more of what you earn. Once we’ve identified opportunities for increased tax savings, we’ll work with your tax preparer to coordinate the implementation of your plans. We’ll also regularly review your tax situation to stay on top of changing circumstances and the latest regulations.

Financial Planning

This holistic service takes a comprehensive view of your finances, considering your personal circumstances, needs, goals and current financial position. We'll design a Personal Financial Roadmap™ to guide your pursuit of True Wealth for every life stage. And we'll stay with you throughout your journey, providing ongoing objective advice and personalized guidance along the way.

Cash Flow Management

At the heart of every financial plan is the critical task of managing incoming and outgoing cash flows. Our team of advisors is experienced in handing the inflows related to compensation, inheritance, real estate sales, and stock liquidity events. When it comes to taking distributions from your accounts, we develop customized spending plans to minimize risk and taxes, keeping your financial plan on track.